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Lash Lift 101: What to Expect

June 15, 2018



Lash Lifts and LVL Lashes are a treatment for natural lashes that can add lift, volume and definition for several weeks. Paired with a lash tint, and your natural lashes can look fabulous.  


Lash Lifts are completely customisable. 


During your initial consult, your technician will ask about your personal style and wants. Then she will pick out a silicone shield to provide the right lift for you. A LVL Lash Lift creates a lengthened, natural look. If you want a defined curl go for a lash perm instead. 


Preparation is a breeze. 


Lash It Delucia Holistics requires a 48-hour patch test to ensure that you will not have a reaction to the lifting serums used, and clients should arrive to their appointments with squeaky-clean lashes & no eyemake up.  


The Lash Lift application process is simple. 


The silicone shields are applied to your eyelids and then your technician will brush a special adhesive onto the shield and then smooth your eyelashes over it to give you the lashlift look. Then lifting serum is applied and allowed to set for about12 minutes. Next a setting serum is applied, followed by a nourishing lash oil. All told, the process takes about one hour.  


Lash It @ Delucia Holistics is your premiere Lash Lift salon in Manchester City Centre. Our services include silk eyelash extensions, mink eyelash extensions, LVL Lashes, eyelash lifts, and eyelash tint. We are not affiliated with any particular brand because we believe in using only the highest quality products.  


To book a patch test and Lash Lift appointment, please book online or get in touch on 07449 844 122.


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